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We want to reduce the environmental impact of supplying beautiful, enduring furniture through a continual cycle of restoration.

We are all increasingly aware of the climate change crisis, and the impact each of our actions has upon our planet.

The food we eat, the vehicles we drive, the clothes we wear and attitudes towards packaging and recycling are all coming under mounting scrutiny.

The furniture market remains a relative laggard here. Sustainably-sourced materials are certainly on the rise, but consumption of new, affordable furniture continues unabated, with items at the end of their perceived lifecycle simply thrown away.

Each year in Britain we send 300,000 tonnes of reusable furniture to landfill; it is easier and more convenient to throw away and buy new than it is to either recycle or source second-hand.

We want to make buying second-hand furniture exciting and easy. Every PearTree item is unique and has been sensitively restored resulting in quality assured, long-lasting, and, we think, beautiful pieces of furniture fit for contemporary living.

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Our buy-back scheme.

Keeping furniture out of landfill and an effective lifetime guarantee on our products.

We believe in rejuvenation as a crucial antidote to throwaway consumer culture. That’s why we developed our buyback scheme – we want to revive and recycle all PearTree items as and when you need us to. Not only is our furniture used and loved time and time again, but in this way we can conserve natural resources by reusing existing materials and also reduce the burden on global supply chains of shipping parts to where they are manufactured.

We want our furniture to be treasured forever. Our buyback scheme allows you to trade-in your pre-loved PearTree items in the future.

Buy any item from our collection and after two years (or longer), simply get in touch with us to start your buyback process. Once approved, we’ll send you credit to spend on your next item with us and arrange to collect your original piece.

Our Collection

How we do what we do

We find and revive a huge variety of pieces.

We work on furniture of all shapes and sizes from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, using cabinet making skills to repair detailing and ensure that all mechanisms work perfectly.

We use specialist techniques to finish every item to the highest quality, including a range of skilled applications such as French Polishing, resulting in timeless, handcrafted furniture which is both hard wearing and lovely to look at. This requires a high degree of skill, technical knowledge and sensitivity, skills which have sadly been on the decline in recent years.

We are hopeful that a renewed awareness of the importance of a sustainable lifestyle will lead to an increased interest in the art and craft of furniture restoration.

We have a long-term ambition to encourage people into this profession and therefore to preserve the skills and passion which are now more crucial than ever as we strive to live more consciously.

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